12 things to do before launching your blog

12 thing to do before launching blog

12 thing to do before launching your blog. So you finally want to launch your blog and thinking to make money out of it.

Launching a blog is really easy but launching a professional-looking blog is not easy.

everybody wants to have a blogging life where they make passive income just by sitting on their sofa and sharing their thought but before launching your dream blog make sure are you really ready to launch a blog.

thing to do before launching your blog

  1. have a trust full hosting and domain
  2. At least 10 posts should be ready
  3. ready with your action plan
  4. dress up your blog
  5. get your logo done
  6. start with an email list
  7. study WordPress
  8. start Pinterest
  9. know what plugin your using
  10. joint supportive groups
  11. don’t worry just start


I am pretty sure you know that you should go for a self-hosted blog and not for a free blog like blogger or but make sure you use the best hosting in your budget.

hosting can be a very huge problem in front of your blogging success. I will highly recommend you to go with the hostinger.

It is the best and cheapest hosting I saw and currently, I am using it. hostinger is really cheap and it will provide a free domain. hooray.

best Webhosting for 2021

have at least 10 posts ready

Before launching your blog be ready with your amazing blog post now don’t worry about how it will be your just a beginner.

Be ready with a top 10 blog post before launching your blog because you will be super busy with a lot of stuff like social media, Pinterest, affiliate marketing, email list.

ready with your action plan

Just write down what you gonna do 4 months after launching your website.

It’s really really important and I will highly recommend you do write and make an action plan. make a list of a plan like a blog post list, how many social media to handle, how to monetize the blog in 4 months, and stuff like that

dress up your blog.

Do not waste your precious time on no matter things.

remember you are totally beginner its doest does not matter what theme you’re using what type of content your writing what fonts your using your blog is looking good or not what plugin your using currently what color your text should be.

trust me its does not matter if you’re a beginner just start promoting your blog and giving value to your audience.

get your logo done

So if you’re making your own brand you should be ready with a logo I would not recommend you to waste your time on a logo but make sure your logo is done before launching your blog.

start with your email list from day one

I know it might sound counterintuitive to ask people to join your email list when you’ve barely written a couple of posts and are just launching your blog.
But trust me dont miss any chance to convert your visitors into your email subscribers.

your email subscribers are yours. Google might change algorithm any time any moment anything can happen facebook and Pinterest constantly innovate you might lose your good stand on those platforms but when you have an email list you don’t have to worry about any platform.

the money list because that’s are the most loyal readers. you will not buy any stuff from a stranger right but you might buy a course and product whom you know very well.

email build trust in your audience and they are more likely to buy the product from you and that generates more sales.

study WordPress

I don’t want you to waste time on WordPress knowing how it works and all.

start watching videos on youtube about how to use WordPress and how to edit the theme and all.

start Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine for finding ideas like recipes, home, style, cooking, DIY, blogging, and many more.

you know you can drive massive traffic from Pinterest in your very new blog.

I will highly recommend you to start and learn about SEO of Pinterest. many bloggers are driving a hell of a lot of traffic from Pinterest like Anastasia Blogger, Cassi, Allison Lindstrom.

know what plugin your using

There are a lot of plugins out there but having a lot of plugins installed in WordPress will make your website slow so don’t just install a random plugin in WordPress in fact only use those which are really working for you.
the best plugin for beginner

  1. Akismet
  2. broken link checker
  3. elementor
  4. post view counter
  5. rank math
  6. wp total cahe

joint supportive group

Join a super supportive as well as active group you can on Facebook there are a lot of active Facebook group where you can ask about your problem I will recommend you to go with

  • Blogging for New Bloggers
  • Blogging Newbs
  • Becoming a Blogger
  • Golden Bloggerz
  • Blogging Babes Collectiv

Don’t worry just start

Dont worry about anything you are just a beginner right now and nobody gets million of traffic just starting off their blog its take time keep working hard you will soon get a result.

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