Most profitable blogging niche for 2021

most profitable niche for 2021

Want to start a money blog but confuse how to find most profitable blogging niche for 2021.


Finding a profitable niche can be your biggest task as a beginner.
you know 90% of a blogger fail because they choose the wrong niche.

Then how to find a profitable niche plus your interest.

I believe that every niche has the profitability to earn money but in a different way.
in this article, I will show you the best profitable niche for blogging and how to monetize it correctly.

what is niche?

what is niche

A blogging niche is to define what your blog is all about, and what kind of blog content going to be.

Most of the bloggers turn their passion into their blog topic, and that is absolutely fine. But before doing that, do your research first.

Check your blog topic has enough popularity and has multiple monetization methods.

technology niche


Technology is one of the most profitable niches in the blogging industry and it is developing day by day.

technology is the biggest niche and there are 100 sub-niches inside it. if you are passionate about the latest gadget and want to be surrounded by technology you must go for a tech niche.

technology sub-niche

  • mobile
  • laptops
  • computers
  • watch
  • tablets
  • smart home
  • software

even all of the sub-niches contain more specific type of niche example if you’re going with the mobile niche then you can write about phone case, mobile screen card, type of mobile,
there are a lot of sub-niches if we talk about technology.

Monetization method.

There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog but the most popular are Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.
I will recommend you go with affiliate marketing cause if you’re not having a lot of traffic in your blog still you will earn a good amount of money if you are having targeted traffic.

people in technology niche you should follow









This topic has to be in this niche. one of the hottest topic niche for the blogging industry.
If you like fashion I highly recommend you to go with a niche because it is one of the most profitable niches.

There are a lot of people who like to wear trending cloth and love to be in the trend.
fashion is also a huge niche itself. fashion not only cover cloth and shoe but it covers a lot of this else.

fashion sub-niche

  • girls cloth
  • boy cloth
  • girls shoes
  • boy shoes
  • handbag
  • gold and diamond

There are hell sub-niche for the fashion industry you can go with any.

monetization method

now if you’re in the fashion niche you can monetize with both affiliate and Google Adsense. I will recommend you to go with both Google Adsense as well as affiliate marketing.

people in fashion niche you should follow





Travel niche


If you love going outside and explore new things this niche is just for you. traveling niche is getting popular day by day and even people love to read about it.

There are a lot of tips and tricks which you can share with your audience and even there is a lot of DIY for traveling.

traveling sub-niche

  • traveling bag
  • traveling technologY

and there are more sub-niche in it

monetization method

you can monetize your travel blog with GOOGLE an affiliate program there are a lot of affiliate programs for the travel niche.

People in travel niche you should follow





health niche


Everybody knows how much health blog is popular and even profitable but there is a lot more competition and for you to make money in this niche is quite hard but you can go with sub-niche of health

health niche sub-niche

  • weight loss for women
  • weight loss with food
  • how to gain weight
  • how to have packs
  • and there are a lot of sub-niches.

monetization method

you can monetize your health niche with affiliate program and you can receive high commission with health niche.

people in health niche you should follow

The Art of Healthy Living

Fitness Magazine

MyFitnessPal Blog


news niche


news blog also profitable but in a certain way

the news blog is also popular because a lot of people love to read the news and gain information
news blog will never go out of trend and you will get a lot of content since there is a lot of news in a market.

news sub-niche

  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood
  • latest news
  • stock market news
  • celebrities news

monetization method

you can monetize it with adsense i will recommend you to monetize it with absence

people in news niche you should follow




Business Insider

food blog


it is also a very interesting blog niche especially for the food lover
the food blog is also very popular and you can grab a large audience in it.

this topic will also never-ending topic there is a lot of content you can create.

in this niche, you can also give reviews to various restaurants.

pro tip if you’re starting a food blog I will highly recommend you to start using Pinterest and grow your traffic because Pinterest is one of the best platforms for a food blogger like you.

food niche sub niche

  • vegetarian food
  • non vegetarian food
  • diet food
  • review of restaurant

monetization method

I will recommend you to go with both google adsense as well as affiliate.

people in food niche you should follow

Food Network



Demotivateur Food

pet niche


pet is also the most popular niche. people love their pets and want to know about their pet habits and food. people search a lot about pet food like dog food cat food and many more.

pet niche can be very profitable since you can sell dog food and cat food or let’s say pet food. you can also do affiliate marketing on this niche is it will be really profitable since there are a lot of good stuff to sell for pet

pet sub niche

  • toys
  • food
  • cloth
  • gadget
  • pet house

monetization method

if you want to monetize your pet blog you should go for affiliate marketing because there are more people likely to buy stuff for pets.

people in pet niche you should follow

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

beauty niche


everybody wants to have good looks good skin bright lighten skin tone no dark circle no sport so everybody wants to have good looks and they search in google and that’s how beauty blog is so profitable.

if your girl and love your skin and love beauty tips and trick you definitely should start a blog in this niche

beauty blog sub-niche

  • makeup
  • skincare
  • cloth
  • tips and trick
  • health and fitness for growing skin

there are many sub-niche for beauty blogs and most of them are really profitable.

monetization method

you can monetize your beauty blog with affiliate marketing and Google Adsense but I will recommend you to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.

people in beauty niche you should follow

Lisa Eldridge

Tanya Burr’s Beauty Blog

A Model Recommends

Nikkie Tutorials

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