how to find profitable niche(simple 2 steps)

Choosing a profitable niche can be quit difficult

If your thinking to start a blog you must be in confusion about which niche you should choose. since its important to find a profitable niche

Well, there are a lot of bloggers who quit blogging just because they cannot find a profitable niche. well, a wrong niche can totally waste your 100% of your time and energy.

so to choose the right niche here are some easy steps you can do.

what is a niche?

A niche is a specific topic in which you have the expertise and you solve the problem of your readers.

for example-

niche——— mobile
sub-niche—- apply mobile

there are a lot of industries and in every industry there a lot of niches and sub-niches you can easily find your interest in.

Easy step to find a profitable niche

1.Identify your interest

everyone has their own interest whether it’s technology or let’s say its beauty products.
you have to know what interest you have.
if you don’t know your interest think about what you do every day that make you happy
For example,
using the phone-then go for technology mobile niche
going outside-then go for the travel niche
if your girl love to do makeup go for a makeup product niche
if you’re well an educated teacher and love teaching go to an education niche. value

so if you found your best niche in the above paragraph then do check whether your niche contains a market value or not and if you still don’t know what interest you have then you should go for market value.
before jumping into any niche you must have to check niche profitability.

how many people search for your niche

now clearly if your niche doesn’t have an audience then your niche is not profitable.

how many profitable articles you can write on the niche?

now if you have a niche you have to provide quality content for your audience you have to check it out whether you can write a profitable article or not. do you have enough knowledge for your niche or not

does your niche have a good affiliate program?

now off cause a lot of people start their blog to earn money out of it so if your niche does not have a good affiliate program you cannot monetize your blog like you want.

don’t go for a season niche?

Don’t go for a season niche your niche must be evergreen because that is more profitable.

can you make money from Adsense from your niche?

There are a lot of ways to make money blogging but the popular one is affiliate and Adsense. now if you are not into an affiliate you must be having an idea of Google Adsense. now make sure your niche must have a really good amount of traffic to make money AdSense

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